Upgrade The Coop: Big Girl Dino’s


We went away for a four day vacation and came home to “Dino Birds”. Taller, louder, and cleverly manipulative for meal worms. The ladies are truly looking like chickens now. Sweet baby fluffy nesties, have been replaced by teenage rowdy sassy beautifully feathered young ladies.

Bubo and Vangogh

Bubo has become “The Hen Mother” or Don Chiculio. Always roosting now watching over the flock and alerting for unusual sounds. She bosses the dogs around and grooms the younger fluffs.

Vangogh and Bubo

Clearly they feel I shouldn’t be snapping pics during nap time. Today we upgrade the brooder to a roaming pen while we construct the outside coop. It will encourage them to coop up and start adult behavior. The added room will be pleasing to the nose too since the cramped brooder has become a poop stink fest.


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