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Home “Sweet” Home – The Scent



Since June I have had live baby chicks in my living room. I love them. My life is so much better now that I am growing raising tending and being mindful of our food sources as a family, including our soon to arrive (from my babies) fresh free range eggs!

That said, the house needs a freshin’ up ! The ladies will officially debut their new home this weekend when Hubbie installs the final shingles. After that I am scrubbing down floors and getting ready for fall. My favorite way to freshen up the air, use ingredients on hand and cut back on waste is by creating simmer pots. If you are a child of the 70’s you will probably remember the little tea-lite ceramic holders your mothers had that held mystery water and simmered for hours on end with aromas of pom and rose. Yeah, its easier than that and cheap. Use fresh herbs from your garden, left over lemon peel from dinner and a dash of vanilla.

Williams-Sonoma Scent
The idea is that by gently simmering a few natural items in water, your house will smell clean, sweet and classy. This is the smell when you first walk into that amazing store.
Bring to boil then reduce to a Simmer:
2 cups water,
1 sprig rosemary,
1 teaspoon of vanilla,
The juice rind of a lemon

Be mindful around small children to place pot at the back of stove and add water through the day so you don’t go dry and burn your dam house down.


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