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Really What is Ebola ?


Right now, it’s the news worthy word in Atlanta.

What it’s not:

“Ebola is not an easily transmissible virus. It requires direct contact with bodily fluids. It doesn’t travel on the respiratory route.”  David Quammen

As with any medical condition,  the science behind the virus can change as things unravel. What is certain to date all the data collected on Ebola suggests that while a devastating illness, it is not the great big next “contagion” or pandemic. People in the countries now affected are suffering more because of the superstition surrounding western medicine as opposed to their traditional healers. Some areas are also terribly remote to reach and make treatment impossible.

My family and I had a really great conversation the other night at dinner. Pixie was curious on the structure of Ebola and wanted some more insight into the virus. I only had topical information on how it breaks down the cells, liver, kidneys etc, so I pointed her to wiki and we talked about it. What I know, Ebola was not (as far as we now know) spread through snot sneezing or spitting.

NPR did a great interview and I would highly recommend the book to anyone curious about world illness.

The Washington Post  also offers some insight into why it is absolutely the best thing our two American healthcare workers came back to Atlanta for treatment.

Chillax and read. Please also don’t get caught up in the media hype about some of this. I really have been strongly disappointed recently about the lack of responsible reporting in the media. Thank goodness for a few still independent news sources that let you have the information as it stands and decide for yourself what to do with it.

Sensationalizing people dying just to have a two hour time slot to offer commentary on an ambulance driving through the city of Atlanta is just shitty reporting.



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