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Fit Find Friday – Stay Fit Salad Kit

Through my social media superpower I bring you dear readers – #FitFindFriday !
We eat a great deal of veggies lately. (Thank you Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman)
The struggle is of course, the salad maker. Put in certain veggies and the soggy wilts happen. Carry a jar of balsamic or pour it on? No thank you ! Where Do I cram a whole bag of salad makings into the fridge at work ?

Stay Fit  has the answer !
It’s Deluxe Salad Kit is like a Bento Box in the round. Like a Bento it’s compact to throw in your gym/work bag. No leaks no mess take and go!

Made from BPA free material and currently on Amazon Prime for 2 day free shipping it’s really a great deal for only $9

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Please always feel free to ask me questions about this. I love helping people save money! 


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