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“Coopa Cabana” Cometh… and it just keeps coming…


Dear Lord, Is this ever going to end?
The Mister has put so much sweat equity into this masterpiece I am almost afraid that when complete, he will enter a state of shock.  I need to create an immediate “Hunni-Do” so he doesn’t jump ship. The yard reveal will happen once we finish the coop. Plants, tile, chairs and lighting have all been planned to create a new sitting place in the yard. In addition, next year will host a whole new garden space. I am really excited. I love our deck, but this creates yet one more outside space to enjoy with my family. I can’t wait to share it.
The Coop has certainly been on everyone’s minds including the Chicklets. Most every evening has an hour of recess, and they are really digging the outside experience.

VanGogh and her school bus yellow legs ( not clearly shown her in their intensity at all), Now reminds me of this guy:


I know, its rude. Don’t tell her I said it k ? But it is an Atlanta Icon and long standing running joke.

The Girls are in serious pre-molt and look like sad Humane Society Chickens.
They have not reached “spiney” yet where new feathers are growing in, but rather the pre-shed “our feathers look like crap and we are creating a feather boa on our coop floor” mess.
Will someone just take a dust bath already and stop making me look like a terrible chicken mother!


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