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Fruit Cocktail

Pre-Sale Friut Trees

Our Sustainable Family Garden – Just got three new additions. We stopped by Pike Nursery to ask about the best fruit trees for our growing area and tough clay conditions. Now through the end of October (best planting time for fruits) they are having a Rose and Fruit PreSale.

Our first tree choice was an apple tree called “Fruit Cocktail”. It is a grafted Non-GMO organic grown tree. Talking with the experts, it is a self pollinating, bee attracting, clay friendly tree. It will like the full sun of our cleaned out garden and will do well in the tilted yard due to water run off and root spread.

Its companion tree will be a Bartlett Pear. Both are a full size tree expecting to grow well over 15 feet. The placement of both where some large oaks were taken in June, will offer shade again to sensitive plants like our Hostas. They will not get so tall that they will block out our grass which died because of the large bushy oaks. Our raised beds will be on the opposite side and not blocked out by their shade.

Being pollen positive they will encourage little bees to stop by. The garden, chickens and yard will benefit from such visitors. The Garden Expert encouraged one last tree which is a grafted Plum/Cot. Yep Apricots and Plums. It will need the pollen from the apples and pears. More of a bush than a tree it will offer privacy and food in about two to three years like the other fruits.

We truly just planted a Fruit Cocktail in our yard!


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