Ok.. Ladies

backyard chickens

It is 21 (+)weeks if Chicken Breeder lady was telling the truth about when my babies hatched.
There should be egg behavior now. There should be running to boxes, egg songs and creamy chicken butt treats for me everyday.
There should be feather fruit, loin droppings, straw treasure.
Nada zilch zip.
This is going to drive me nuts.
How do you wait for this?
I have been preening loving snuggling cooing – all summer.
Organic food, kitchen scraps, healthy supplements like sea kelp and garlic powder.

My girls ONLY eat Breakfast of Champion Layers.

Why…. Have there been no eggs?

I was convinced I would be one of “those” chicklet mommies who at 17 weeks could flaunt her feathers and proclaim
“Yes my girls laid early because they’re awesome”

Eat Crow Chicken Lady… Eat Crow.

Moral of this story : Don’t count your eggs before your Chickens lay them.


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