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How Far We Have Come


We started off little and afraid. I was certain that I would kill half of them the first week, not sure if I was providing the right amount of heat or bedding.

I wanted them to have the best food, most sunshine and of course the best coop when old enough to move outdoors.

Blueberries a dirt bath and good night smooches.

My crazy little Dinos have feathered, gotten taller, and this last week, started making us beautiful eggs.

A home grown egg doesn’t taste like a store egg. It is more dense, creamier, and of course sweet with the flavor of accomplishment.

Officially have first eggs from each of our ladies now

My birds sit on my lap for snacks, cuddle when I need some tenderness and are starting to get attached to me. They know my “chookie chook” call and the “go home for snacks” box rattle.

They know their names, as a dog or cat would.  Nugget has even gotten fond of prancing about when we drop a few “Whiskey Tangos” on her. She is proud of her southern lineage that way.

This part of my little farm journey has been amazing. I can’t wait to plant and grow beautiful food in the spring, for my family and my birds!




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