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Make Time : To Help Others

I realized the other day, with the power of social media I have not updated.

It drove me to think about what else I have not had time for. I think I have time for everything. everyone and every tasks. What I really truly recognized is that I don’t.
By recognize – I mean I said out loud to myself “You Don’t”

So that in turn created another rabbit hole – how do you urge others to take time.

You put it on your mirror on post-it notes and even a string around your finger.
For me I am going to remind myself at least twice a week of something I need to do.

I hope through this you will find things you need and want to do for yourself and for others.

One Month Ago – We helped this little Fella.

His Name is Fenway.

I call him Bean.

We don’t know much about him, other than the fact he is heart-worm positive, has a terrible cough, pees on everything and drools like T-rex going after a Bronto-burger.
I have discovered opening my heart as a foster mom has left me with a heart four times bigger.

In the past I thought helping a rescue would be so much fun. It is, and it isn’t. Seeing adoption events at the super stores or fairs, you know rescue exists. Donating to help of course you know.
Then you foster and realize… wow there are just so many animals in need of help.

Then you take one in and you realize, wow this is an amazing animal how could someone let this go?

I am honored to help Fenway and You Lucky Dog Rescue.


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