♥ Love

Isn’t it Loverly

Stella Dress $198

My inner Eliza Doolittle just kicked into song.
I was reading the bloggy-sphere and found this new site: Loverly
Stopped dead a little, became breathless and found new resolve to get my fluffly butt on that dam treadmill.

I want to wear this on a date with my husband, bare shouldered come summer.
Technically, I am aware its a “bridesmaid” dress.
So the flapjack what.

I made a resolve recently that I was tired of wearing blue jeans. My job allows me this amazing privilege of being “causal” (awesome really)
I DON’T like being so casual, as it killed my fashion brain.
I like pretty things, I like labels. I admit it.
I see fine designer brands and practically fall out.
I have two friends at work who are my fashion icons and they get my glitz for glitter.
Thank you TP and JD !!!

I need to be reminded I can still be casual fun ultra femme sexy and professional.

Juliet Dress

Had I know about Loverly I might have worn this to my wedding!
There are some great dresses on this site for realistic budgets.

I know bridal season isn’t in full swing, but people are most certainly shopping. The site has amazing inspiration boards, a blog, trending topics. navigation was easy and I didn’t feel lost.

The Trending Section is my most favorite.
There is a lot to be said about current fashion trends by what brides are selecting.
Furnishings, Colors, and Event Design, say a great deal about fashion.


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