♥ Family

Calling All My Peeps

LeRoy and Babes

The Celebs (Maggie and Victoria Peckham) were two weeks old this weekend. It seems odd that already they have had their first dust bath with mom and tried meal-worms. The other chickens do not even notice them while they run the coop and stretch their little birdie legs. I have been a little more excited about this whole process than I think the other members of my Flock.

To see egg to birth of these little critters has been wonderful. In all my time on the farms of my youth, I have never had the chance to see a chicken hatch: my chicken. The girls are thriving under the watchful eye of Mama Hen (no not me) and get bigger and different each day. I can’t catch them for glamour shots, as they are really not at all into me. Yes it does hurt my feelings lets just get that out of the way.

Our Committee Members knew me as Mother. I was care giver snack lady bringer of dirt and the shepherdess to range time. They would sit in my lap to watch TV and grew for several weeks in our home while the coop was built by big Rooster Hubs.

I am excited for “MVP” (as I call them – think Brangelina)  to get integrated into the flock and have outside time more.

I am also going to start some fermentation. I was trying to get it ready over the weekend, but couldn’t find the right jar. A trip to HomeGoods may be in order tonight.


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