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Become an IT*Girl with IT*Cosmetics – 25% Off Sale


My girlfriend Tami and I found out recently we are both IT fanatics by discussing our ever increasingly missing eyebrows. I would hate for you to miss the chance for something so amazing so here is a quick recap:

I am a pale freckled ginga’ lady who recently hit her 40s. My circa 1940 perfectly arched brows that rarely required waxing seemed to vanish right off my face.

I tried a product that showed up in my FB feed after some Google searches (thanks re-targeting).
Then there was the “brow bar” at a salon and at Ulta.
I considered brow tats. Not ruling that one out when I am older.
Finally I stopped back by Ulta after an advert caught my eye.

One of the makeup professionals helped me find some other trending items, and called over her “brow” expert. I can’t say enough about Angelique. Super sweet and very knowledgable. She sat me down for a “try-see” to compare the brand I thought I wanted and another she felt might be better suited to my interests. Both brands were great for sure, but the more cost-effective (cheaper) and longer wearing (waterproof) IT Cosmetics won out.

I am going to highlight more of the products that I use this week in other posts, but please don’t miss this sale. Below are the brow items I use. IT*Cosmetics is an amazing company, sold in salons, on QVC and in Ulta. The No.50 Primer has become my best friend, Tami raves about the CC Creme for winter, and I am finding the Powder flawless for Spring/Summer which are listed easily here on this page The Top 10. 

Creating Brows for Face after 40

Build-A-Brow Gel
Combines five different technologies that help you to create, shape, and define your eyebrows.

Brow Power® Lift Pencil
A dual-ended lifting, illuminating pencil of light.

Heavenly Luxe Build-A-Brow Brush #12
Uniquely designed to deliver a precise, even stroke that is perfect for building a flawless brow.

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
The Original Award-Winning Phenomenon! Universal Brow Pencil with Active Brow Enhancing Technology


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