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A Book For Mother

Well-Read Women

Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines

My mother loves beautiful things, strong characters, and a good whiskey.
It is no surprise she has always been “Daisy Buchanan” in my literary mind’s eye.
Innocently helpless, yet dispelled; sparkling glorious things surround her to distract her from the pain eating away inside.
Her one great love left behind, and saved by men who needed to save her, not love her.

Through it all, she raised one strong ultra feminist alpha female. Me 🙂
I devour books in single sittings and learned this great love from her. She always had another to tell me about, or put into my hands growing up. I was and am still under the belief, there is nothing in life Jane Austen can’t solve.

Her home is full of colorful beautiful paintings, colors and things that make you smile.

This is the perfect gift for any mom, literary nut, or lover of beautiful watercolors.

 ladiesSamantha Hahn takes stunning characters and brings them to life in dizzy floats of her brush. Memorable quotes follow for those daily reminders of the strength in each of us.

Help your mother remember some of her favorite books, you know the ones she tried to get you to read!


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