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Signature “Scent-ses” Aromachology


I try to use social channels and participate in reviews when my Ipsy bag comes each month. I love to share beautiful new finds and great makeup tips for the ladies in my life.
Last month, no joke, left a serious “wah thumbs down wah” in my mouth. Nothing in my bag made it to my makeup box in the bathroom.
“Its’a Alright Yah’Man”
That will happen.
Then you get another month. Boy do you get another month.

1- This month’s theme was Bohemian.
Meh I lived it in the 70s as a child – went through that phase in HS -not my thing

2- Soft feminine touches cute bag
but wait… maybe I like this

3- Holy Cow ! What smells so incredibly good?!?!?

Oh do I love this bag. I will absolutely cover more of the samples, but I need to tell you how fabulous I smell today.
I smell really good. Like you want to eat me up good.
No not chocolate cake good, like rose petal washed linens on a sunny afternoon good.

I may go running through a field of daisies screaming “NO NUKES” now.

I really wish Aromachology offered a mini trial scent set so I could see if their other fragrances are this skin licking delicious.

I was looking for a new signature scent this year. I have the worst luck with parfum. It doesn’t stay. Clarifies down to vinegar on my PH wonky skin and/or I smell like the cotton candy booth at the fair. Cute but not appropriate for me. This fits my bill, and I may even dabble in creating my own custom scent. Stand back.
I love how the pictures on the site also explain to you the scent variances and tones.



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