♥ Shopping

Must Hustles : Monday

Old Port Trench in Navy
$49.99 On SALE LL Bean

Pair this with white skinnies for Spring, and taupe clunky heels. Perhaps a nautical striped tee for that Sailor Annie Feel !
Other colors including must have Tan, are on sale as well! I have seen trenches popping up all over fashion blogs in bright colors. Seems like I finally need to invest in a wardrobe staple.

Lipstick Queen – Frog Prince
$25.00 at ULTA
Did anyone else have one of those color changing lipstick bundles from Avon when they were a kid? Well it seems what’s old is new again, and this even includes our previous take on color changers. Poppy King – Head Mistress at Lipstick Queen has upped the game. This fairytale changes to a rosy hue based on your PH and skin. Testing it in my Ulta I Loved Loved Loved the sheer rose almost nude pale mauve color.

Faded Glory Tshirt Dress
$8 Walmart
(On My $30 or Less Plan)
I love designers glam and sparkle. I think some wardrobes are just full of clothes that end up costing you more money when you wear them all the time. That white poplin shirt that requires $6 dry cleaning is not exactly budget friendly, when I wear it at least once every other week. College. I am paying for the Kid’s College !
For summer this year I am going to try to find a few pieces each week that are less that $30 for a complete look.


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