♥ Chickens

Chicken Mojitos

Cool Summer Treat For Your Birds
(Not a Cocktail Containing Birds for You)

Handful of Frozen Strawberries
Handful of Fresh Mint
Handful of Lemonbalm
@ 1/3 cup water to ease blending

Into the blender – think pesto consistency – pour into ice trays – freeze.

I used little brownie bite trays they make smaller cubes

Looks a little like salsa doesn’t it ?
I had all of these strawberries from last season, and with soaring temps that made it feel over 100* outside, I knew the girls needed some help with cooling off. I have placed recycled water bottles, frozen, into the coop. A pan of cold water to walk in. I have added ice to their water and made sure they are shaded all day. It is still hot.

With out having the space to freeze some watermelon – which chicks love – I decided to use up some freezer scraps and over abundance garden herbs. The Chicken Mojito was born.

The Newest Littles also got to supplement their first chicky treat. Being a week old, it is ok to start letting them tit-bit for greens, fruit and scraps. The Turks are of course 3 weeks old, so they are more than ready to try new food items. Being inside it isn’t as important for them to get cooling benefits. In fact they need to stay warm. I simply poured some blended treats directly and added greens.

Pidge, the Great Large Marge Pigeon is all broody and bitchy so she came inside to cool the frank off. She is acting like some meany raptor squawking and clicking at anything or anyone that comes near her in the nest box. Cooling her off will get her out of the brood and back to laying eggs. I don’t mind giving her a break. She deserves it, but the meany pterodactyl act is old.


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