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On Monday This Happens:
My love and I will become investment property owners of this charming Mid-century treasure. Built in 1961 it has original knotty pine interiors, huge back yard, and the potential to be truly loved by a family that needs a more economical residence.


It has been very well loved by its original set of owners. I could not even fathom owning a house for as long as they had, and raising a family in it. We were really blessed to find them. I wish them happiness and peace in their retirement and the knowledge we will care for their legacy with love and dedication. There will not be many restorations needed before we put it up for rent. Stay tuned for some updates on what we are going to do to make it a little more green!

This all comes on the heels of big changes in my life. New job, new title. New life, new choices. We are looking at opening a business and furthering information about sustainability and urban homesteading in our community. 2016 is going to be a very busy year for us!





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