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Hello 2016 – GoodBye Bad Habits!


Welcome to your new adventures! I hope you are as excited about this new year as I. 2015 saw so many transformations for my family, I am not sure if they are/were complete resolutions or the absence of such, which allowed us to change and grow. I can say for certain they were not all pleasant and some were incredibly painful.  Moving past that, we have settled the dust and started fresh. The start of the year always resets my brain in such a way.

In order to help my family do the same and develop better habits this year, I ordered the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up“. Available in Kindle and Hardcover – with my Amazon shared accounts, its going to every Kindle in the Family 🙂 I read once that even small amounts of clutter (or piles as people often call them) can create chaos and distraction in your brain. They can also be mood changers and cause people to become depressed or anxious. I am the latter.

Stuff comes into the house and it never leaves! This drives me bonkers. It will quickly escalate my mood to one of no patience and a sharp tone. I don’t like that lady. She’s freaking scary.

So a short list of how I am looking at 2016 so far:
1- Start the process of clutter removal with Book!
2- Clean Rental and start prepping for tenants
3- Paint
4- Clean Eating starts Monday !
5- Work out 3x a week with Pix
6- Better habits for the pets. They suck.
7- Better habits for the family. They suck too.
8- Say “No” more – it’s good for you!
9- Use These great planners to keep habits constantly improving.
10 – Take a breath ! You are really trying to make great changes in the new year – reward yourself with a healthy (mentally physically emotionally) treat.




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