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The ground stood still


After three years, the Golden mother load of all compost was dug out.

A few fun facts:
1- Chicken poo is considered “hot” compost due to nitrates. This means in most composting bins it needs to be worked at least three month so it doesn’t burn your plants.
2- Our composting pile was only worked by the girls. I did no turning, wetting, or really any maintenance.
3- I am a lazy composter.
4- That’s alright, hens make amazing worker bees.

Hey! That’s alotta Hay!
Yeah way more than veggies like. After laying in the really well developed compost, I added hay from the second pile. Last step, till that ground until it looks like a fine potting soil.

This year’s first look:
Tomatoes – Cucumbers – Poll Beans – Squash – Peppers – Pumpkins

As the plants go in, remaining hay particulars and crushed eggshells will go around the plants in “wells”. This helping to keep out little slugs. They are not biological enhancements to my garden !  I did not seed start, or get any heirloom seeds from my favorite sources this year. Truly I ran out of time and rather than avoid the garden, I sourced organic heirloom plants from local stores this year.
We have not been able to pay attention to the garden the last two years. I am excited to get my hands in the dirt and put good things from my yard on the table.


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