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HotSpot Happy 4th !

Courtesy Nantahala Farms

The weather is frightful and there is very little that will keep a chick cool beyond a refreshing dip in the pool. The same could be said for feathered friends. Our run and coops are in the direct path of the afternoon sun. I have really considered this week, letting the girls go free range full time.

The benefits of course are plenty – bug control – ability to cool off – even better eggs – less feed. My concern: As I write this our neighborhood hawk family just landed on the oak above me.

Stress heat and exertion are all things that can lead to lower immune responses, illness and even death in chickens. On our forefathers farms hens were able to run in an area, find retreat from the heat and be able to escape predator approach. Backyards can be slightly more restrictive.

Through July and August please make sure your pets have plenty of water shade and options for cooling. Baby pools are an amazing way for dogs and other animals to get in and get wet to cool off. I love the idea in the photo above by placing some stacked stones or bricks to help everyone in and out. I’ll let you know if Sawyer and Huck explore dipping their turkey toes in the water!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone !





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