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Fabric App – Sew Awesome


Going through my stash this weekend looking for a special project, I got pretty exhausted trying to remember every box I crammed a pattern into. Have you ever had that thought, “I know I had this one pattern” but can’t remember for the life of you where it is stashed?Ever had SO many patterns you can’t be sure you actually have that one pattern you want or more importantly- need? Looking at my phone, I started Googling.

Yes there’s an app for that. In fact there’s several. Some sewing blogs even have suggestions on how to create your own data base from things like Evernote and forms. My need – easy on hand (in my phone) while in the store.


Case in point. At some my point I bought the same pattern forgetting I already had it. I guess you can tell I really love this eyelet patterned dress. Luckily there’s a friend who missed the Hancock sale and was wanting this.

Enter Sew Awesome.
Here is why I picked this over some other appstore options:
Picture in app – no more saving to other locations and uploading
Tools in App – I can even keep track of my quilt templates and sewing Feet.
Stash in App – Do I have the right buttons – notions – chamray ?
Upgrade to pro to remove ads or have other features $3.99

All in all – I am really happy with it. I am more basic so the framework suits me. I know some of my tech savvy sewers would want features. They exist so if you find and better ones let me know!

The down side is the initial time investment as with anything new. It is so worth it. I have now used the app twice since uploading it over the weekend.


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