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Thursday Crush: Colette Seamwork Magainze

Seamwork Current Issue

Everyone who has sat at a sewing machine, knows the rhythmic joy and stress relief stitching brings. Your grandmother did this, her mother had to do this. You never “seam” (haha) to have time to do this. How did we lose that time? How are our lives so much busier now, than our grandparents, who did not have the convenience of modern tech?


My fascination and passion with sewing has been a long lived rocky affair. In Jr. High I took the required HomeEc class and ended in tears. I wanted in front of that machine so I could whip out my debut line just in time for Fashion Week! Was I sleeping? Did I miss days. Somewhere from go buy fabric to: sitting in front of my bobbins, I missed the details on cut grain fit measurement pattern picking and doing this right. I ended up with a jumper in some batik tropical print that cut me up in my down theres and didn’t hide my very non-existant up theres. Did I mention we had to do a fashion show for the whole school?

Thus began my love for quilts. They made sense, where clothes did not. Formulaic patterns joined in specific segments to make one big whole. The data scientist in me is coming out right? I only ever made clothes for little people. Easy smaller versions where a french seam could hide a disaster. The funny thing, I always bought patterns. There are mountains of patterns in my basement.

Today I signed up for Seamwork. This is going to change my clothing habits. Crafting a wardrobe is not easy but Colette Patterns wants to take the guess-work and time consumption out of the equation. Most every pattern I have seen is slated at a construction time of 2-3 hours. There are fun tips to save paper resources and of course by being digital you can use multiple times over. Extra credit goes to the team for hosting real sizes.


The magazine has even more than articles; tips for patterns focused, swatch guides, health and beauty fun, and of course freebies. Just for sign-ing up I got a gorgeous pattern. It was actually one I wanted to get with my first month’s credits! I get two patterns with every issue. I will start one this weekend to let you know the progress. I have been following the Colette Instagram account and customer shares, for some time thinking I could not do this. I did not have the skill these wonderful makers did. Wrong. Colette makes patterns easy. Wish me luck!




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