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Weekend Thrifting


So, I imposed a self spending cap from here until Big Adventure planning goes into effect. The Family – has decided on a pretty spectacular vacation this year and it is incredibly budget friendly once we get there. Flights, not so much.

The problem with this as you know, I love to shop. Luckily I scored on the thrifting this weekend and fabric buying to ease my compulsions for a few weeks out.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Beautiful Vintage Wool Blanket – $4 – Half off tag sale.
Water color Lipstick – $1.99 – half off tag sale.
Monika Heller-Color Pencil – $2 (original mounting)
Pyrex Vintage mixing bowls – $2.99 – half off tag sale.


I can’t even describe the beauty of this. The fine pencil details, the rustic scene. This was an insane find. Who ever let this go, I promise I will cherish it forever.

So in the big picture these items all look insanely kitchy. No ?

Imagine if you will a dove grey sofa, with hot pink and gold pillows, with that beautiful Scottish wool throw draped over the back.
My bathroom, pale blue and lemons, that watercolor lipstick re-framed in only a glass frame to show edges and full print – hung with a gold chain next to my vanity.

Ms Monika – Well she is TBA. The original framing and backing add value to her. That color green, not so much to my liking but perhaps that’s where we compromise in our love affair. From the little that is available about her on the net – I do know that her husband matted, mounted and framed her prints as well as her originals. That hand crafted loving care – something I want to keep.



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