♥ Chickens

Ouch! Whats that on my butt?

Courtesy of Rodale’s Organic Life

Yep the season is in.
I have not had a tick on my body since living in Virginia, oh what 30 years ago? Gross. Just Gross. Until this year, our chickens and turkeys have eliminated every bug in our yard.

With the new run, houses, and hawks, they have been very pleased to not run around the yard tearing up our Hostas. I may need to fence off plants and set them free this weekend. Tick surgery this morning from Dr. Hubbie was all butt (ha) too much to take.

Its that or I burn every mother loving piece of leaf and wood in our yard in the fire pit.

Wood piles, grass, leaves – yep got it all: Keep Ticks out of your Yard


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