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Two Planes to Paradise

The Family has hit vacation mode.

First I want to thank Delta Airlines for exceptional service, our fancy pants comfy seats, and welcoming our newest Sky Team members K and M. Our Monday travel day started as the most Monday of any Monday. A flat tire on my seven day old car, running late for our flight, severe stomach disorder with a sprinkle of vertigo. Monday.

Our first flight while several hours, was full of cocktails and movies. I think we were all a little too sleepy to think up conversation, although Mr. Aviation was informative regarding the parts he sells and does not sell to Delta. I learned all about FAA regulations on Lavs, and why they still have ashtrays. Uhm… Big Gov – totally redundant FYI.

The second flight is where my adventure really kicked it up a notch and where fear had to take a back seat. We essentially flew from the main island – to another, on what I could only equate was an old motorcycle with wings. The Family cheered and smiled as the props spun up and the engines spurted to life. No, that’s not waxing some poetic there. Literally if you were choking on spaghetti but still able to breath, slightly, our engines would be you. The pilot felt it was wise to place me right behind him. He didn’t see the barf bag hidden in the flap of my purse. We also left out my extreme vertigo in pre-flight rules and review. Some parts were spectacular. Watching rain hit the sun and the rainforest simultaneously made me feel this much closer to God, and almost (i did) cry.

The ride from the port to our little hut was another story for tomorrow. The hut is sweet and our host just as much. There is no A/C. I am sticky like honey but dipped in a fine grain exfoliator and there may be millions of tiny bugs eating me. BUT I woke up this morning with my husband, and walked a coral reef holding his hand. My sweet loves laid sweaty and exhausted back at the hut, but did not have to wake, work, or do anything but be in this moment with us.


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