About Me

Mrs. to my Mister. Mother to my Pixie. Chicken Herder. Mother of Dragons (read cats). 

What DO I Do?
Currently I own my own skincare business. This is a dream come true and one I have worked years to fully recognize. I still have a 9-5 in the big world of Data Marketing and Analytics. Having so many plates spinning right now is allowing my family to fully accomplish all of our dreams. Including taking care of and providing for our parents.  

I have built a team, and if you are ever interested in asking about how you could do that too, please feel free to contact me . I am a very open book and love to answer questions.

But Why?
I opened this blog back in 2007 after having a scare with Fibrocystic Breast Disease, and what I thought at the time was breast cancer. Scary word Breast Cancer. With a team of fabulous physicians I learned about FBD and decided to take my life back.

Healing started with my sharing of my life long love of Crafting, Baking, Homesteading and that lead to Blogging. My network of makers became my network of loved ones and friends. It was initially what inspired me to learn more about social media and online advertising.

In our early days Pixie and I were just a two-some. We were transient and searching for that perfect place. My heart found it with Hubbie and he was added to our roost. As resident builder, hotshot, flyboy, and jokester, he fit right in to our special brand of cookadoodledoo. I hope you enjoy my outrageous punk rock nerdy idiot ways.


I hope I make you laugh and you can enjoy my antics. I am a clutz, usually a huge dork. I am candid and open about many topics.

What do I love ?

SO many crazy weird things.

CHICKENS – Cussing – Flipping the Bird – Dressing up – Zombies – Bones – Chocolate – Turquoise – The way the desert smells after the rain – Cats – Bunnies – Alpacas – Barns – Hay – Horses –  Soft fuzzy slippers – Coffee – Orange – Halloween – Antiques -Social Media – Yarn – Knitting – Sewing – The way Grandma’s smell – My Mother – Museums of odd human collections  – Lace –  Victorian Corsets – Shoes – Spa Days – Vintage Atomic ANYTHING – Thrift Stores – Feather Boas – Tucson – Atlanta – Orlando  – – – –

Most of All –  The way my daughter says Mom and The way my Mister smiles at me.