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Fall Beauty Essentials


I love the change in weather. I look forward mostly to fall every year. The shorter days, crisp air, lack of humidity and cozy clothes make me feel comfortable in my skin all over again. Mostly. While the oppressive heat and sun of summer are really taxing on me, the humidity keeps my skin feeling hydrated. During fall and winter, I get rough, like sandpaper rough.

It is very important for me to know supply chain. I have discussed this before in fashion, garden and food posts. I do not want to contribute to a foot print that takes away, but rather gives back to worthy causes, local communities and small business owners. It is also equally important that anything that comes into my life does so at as little as possible impact to other creatures on this planet big and small 🙂

bulgarian_rose_open_1024x1024Spongelle – Bulgarian Rose This super beautiful softly rose dipped body buffer is by far the weirdest and coolest thing I have ever seen. I am totally hooked. It arrived in my Fab Fit Fun box for Fall. That was actually my first box and had so many dang goodies I am also nuts for those. Different post for that chat! This is a true rose scent. So be prepared for summer’s last fading bloom. Too much ? Done with that madness? There is an amber fragrance that hints at pumpkin spiced lattes.

How it works – Wet it , squeeze it, gentle little circles all over you! I found it to REALLY be a great buffer – so second time around I squeezed in to my washcloth – haha. Rinse hang repeat!
Available on Amazon Prime = Yes. 



Rodan and Fields – Redefine Lip Serum Finger tips and lips are the first signals that fall is on me. Both get rough cracked and feel like that the hiney end of a porcupine. I will be very transparent – I am selling this now. In the upcoming weeks and months I will absolutely feature chats to showcase my personal experience for your decision and review. This stuff works. Its why I chose to sell it among other reasons.  These caps have easily 2-3 doses in them and I mean that. Don’t squeeze the WHOLE thing on your lips. Pop a little hole place a dot on your pinky and rub. I apply a little more at night than in the am. As that is my “renewing” time. I do apply however after regime in the AM for the sole purpose of protecting my lips through the day. 



Bed Head Dry Shampoo – My stance on long hot showers has changed. Primarily thanks to the birth of my daughter. 21 years later I average those showers exactly one specific week out of every month. Even then, probably not as hot as when I was a younger lass. Now if I have a grueling work out, cramps, or some other need to relax my muscles, I Epsom soak for 15 mins in pretty hot water and then be done with it ! Usually immediately after I take a 5-10 min cool/tepid shower to rinse crystals off and reset my temp. The old adage – it dries you out = true. The same can be said for your hair.
I invested in a Keratin treatment for my hair this year. I don’t want to wash it or my color out through the bazillions of showers I put myself through. Enter the first dry shampoo that has ever worked and made my hair smell and feel good with no white halo or dandruff type flaking. On Amazon and in regular stores. Very good price !
Tip – I found a really great price on Keratin via one of those discount salons (quick cuts) Call around ! You absolutely can do some leg work, ask what products they use and get a price quote. My total treatment was $50.00. 


Most of all: Hydrate!

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On The Mountain


Another beautiful weekend hike up Stone Mountain. Seems like Atlanta decided to take to the park this holiday weekend, and most everyone was going up the walk up trail.

Mr. and I got a bit of a late start, not knowing if we wanted to do biking or hiking. Trails won out, as Pixie was exhausted in bed from severe sinus ailments.

The Ankle didn’t suffer too badly, but I do need to see the doctor soon as about getting an activity brace for it.  Any activity from walking to Zumba causes it to tighten and swell. Not fun for the active little minion that I am now.

Get walking people! Go climb a mountain !

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Snowed In


Since Monday the Fam and I have become Georgia Hermits. Listening to local news and weather suggestions we avoided roads at all costs. Like two weeks ago, we got what we needed and got it early.

You would think by now I would have finished a blanket or tons of sewing projects. Nope. I’ve been glued to my fuzzy socks, blanket and the cat. There was a whole day of Supernatural, Bones and Castle. There was work stuff, as Hubby and I needed to tend to emails. Then there was the driveway incident, in which Hubby encouraged us to sled. Pixie even did it. Shocking.

There is the big news folks. We stayed warm, stayed in, and prayed none of the trees would fall.

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I admittedly have had Lim-Fever since 2007 when he was received the Emerging Talent in Women’s wear award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. I have coveted his elegant designs and more over his Pashli bags. Ranking up there for me with DK, Wang for ready to wear and the bags with their architecture appeal against Hermes. I would buy a Kelly before a Pashli but I still covet both.

I posted about the debut of his line at Target. I was not going to be one of those ladies who stood outside the store but I was going to swing by Sunday and see if I could pick up a bag I had my eye on in store. The Target closest to my home sold out in 10 minutes. Online sold out sooner.


The bags at Target are very close to the Pashli sold online but with out some of the detailing. For $40 – 50 however I am in love. I keep stalking Target.com daily to await the return of stock.



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Hidden Gems – Atlanta Coffee – Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee is all fair-trade and shade-grown, returning a portion of their proceeds to the community. Located INSIDE the Walton on the Chattahoochee apartment complex. Turn into the complex entrance, off Akers Mill Rd (near the 75/285 junction) and pull up to the call box.  Dial PHONE then 101 to enter the gate. Follow the signs to the coffee house at the back of the complex, overlooking the river. There are miles of trails winding along the river linking this wonderful shop to the Chattahoochee National Forest. Great for picking up a joe and walking around the river. Now that the weather is cooler I would imagine an evening walk could be a great date night.

Facebook: Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee
Address: 6640 Akers Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30339

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Christmas 2013

Seriously are your serious ???

Yes Friends I am. The big discussion this year were traditions and it was assumed because I like to try new things, that I had none. Well that would be incorrect. I simply like to try to “add” to my ever growing list of Holiday Fun. This year (2012) I had no spirit. It is like it got up and blew right out my britches.

I didn’t want to think about, participate or even really acknowledge the holiday. I even missed mass on Christmas Eve and Day which is NOT something I do. It hurt my feelings. In fact the lack of celebration and season really sucked.

So this is my initial plan for next year to prep my calendar and instruct my child on how proper Christmas Tradition must be a present thought in our hearts and daily life. Because we are Irish Catholic (And Jewish) there are some mixes. I am confirmed Catholic and that takes precedence to my Grandmother’s faith and heritage which I do not celebrate. I plan to think of some ways to honor her however as she and my Aunt Happy always tried to create my base for tradition.

The first Schedule – The Catholic Holy Advent:

  • First Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 1, 2013)
    – Tree in most Irish homes goes up this day – for us we will put up either Thanksgiving evening (for after dinner activity) or Black Friday.
  • Second Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 8, 2013)
    – Atlanta Botanical Garden Visit
    – Cookie Swap
    – Christmas Cards
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe (Thursday, December 12, 2013)
    – Christmas Crafts and home decor finally finished
  • Feast of Saint Lucy (Friday, December 13, 2013)
    – Peanuts Christmas (don’t laugh) and Christmas Lights at Stone Mountain
  • Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) (Sunday, December 15, 2013)
    – Photos with Santa
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent (Sunday, December 22, 2013)
  • Christmas Eve (Tuesday, December 24, 2013)
    – Mass
  • Christmas (Wednesday, December 25, 2013)
    Holy Day of Obligation
    – Christmas morning sausage cups
    – Christmas dinner to include Champ – Ham – Barmbrack
    – It’s a wonderful life
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The Con is Coming – DragonCon Atlanta

What does that have to do with Norman Reedus standing down in the Ginny-Highlands? Nothing. But I needed his hotness to evoke a sense of wonderment on the blog. Ok fine I am selfish and I just wanted to stare at him while I type, you caught me. I have no problems with this.

A few things I would really like to thank Atlanta – DragonCon and AMC’s Walking Dead for:

1- Zombies. Even before they became cool “again” they have made an appearance every year at con, are pretty popular at any event around Atlanta and because of AMC have really kicked up the dirt on our thriving film industry here.
2- Something to do over the Holiday Weekend. Yes we know how to BBQ here and throw one Helluva Party. Having an excuse to break out the Princess Leigh Garb and FanGirl it down to the Meet n Greets – Yay. Mind you I don’t actually own Garb or Cosplay but IF I DID….
3- Having a reason as grown up woman to squeel with delight post stupid pictures to Twitter and wear makeup for a week along with sexy heels short skirts and my best bra (you know just in case I bump into someone rocking hot ahm Norman.. and need a photo op).
4- To post pictures of all my favorite SyFy AMC and other Geek channel related favorite hotties until my friends on Facebook temporarily block me for insanity and sexual overdoses. While candid and campy 99% of the time, I cool it publicly because I do still have to stay professional in the realm of social media. This week the wild Irish hairs let loose and I am a school girl once again. Pottie Mouth included. No extra charge.

Wait for it

5- Giving a bunch of Dork Nerd Girls an excuse to start a social network on a knitting site titled The Knitting Dead where yes there is a whole thread dedicated to Norman and the badassery that is Daryl Dixon. These pictures are from that group mostly. Ravelry.com for you knitting hoars – The Knitting Dead. Language Included. Not for the faint of heart. Badassery. Again Badassery.

Yeah… I’ll leave it at that.. says it all 🙂
Thank you and Good Night.