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Fall Beauty Essentials


I love the change in weather. I look forward mostly to fall every year. The shorter days, crisp air, lack of humidity and cozy clothes make me feel comfortable in my skin all over again. Mostly. While the oppressive heat and sun of summer are really taxing on me, the humidity keeps my skin feeling hydrated. During fall and winter, I get rough, like sandpaper rough.

It is very important for me to know supply chain. I have discussed this before in fashion, garden and food posts. I do not want to contribute to a foot print that takes away, but rather gives back to worthy causes, local communities and small business owners. It is also equally important that anything that comes into my life does so at as little as possible impact to other creatures on this planet big and small 🙂

bulgarian_rose_open_1024x1024Spongelle – Bulgarian Rose This super beautiful softly rose dipped body buffer is by far the weirdest and coolest thing I have ever seen. I am totally hooked. It arrived in my Fab Fit Fun box for Fall. That was actually my first box and had so many dang goodies I am also nuts for those. Different post for that chat! This is a true rose scent. So be prepared for summer’s last fading bloom. Too much ? Done with that madness? There is an amber fragrance that hints at pumpkin spiced lattes.

How it works – Wet it , squeeze it, gentle little circles all over you! I found it to REALLY be a great buffer – so second time around I squeezed in to my washcloth – haha. Rinse hang repeat!
Available on Amazon Prime = Yes. 



Rodan and Fields – Redefine Lip Serum Finger tips and lips are the first signals that fall is on me. Both get rough cracked and feel like that the hiney end of a porcupine. I will be very transparent – I am selling this now. In the upcoming weeks and months I will absolutely feature chats to showcase my personal experience for your decision and review. This stuff works. Its why I chose to sell it among other reasons.  These caps have easily 2-3 doses in them and I mean that. Don’t squeeze the WHOLE thing on your lips. Pop a little hole place a dot on your pinky and rub. I apply a little more at night than in the am. As that is my “renewing” time. I do apply however after regime in the AM for the sole purpose of protecting my lips through the day. 



Bed Head Dry Shampoo – My stance on long hot showers has changed. Primarily thanks to the birth of my daughter. 21 years later I average those showers exactly one specific week out of every month. Even then, probably not as hot as when I was a younger lass. Now if I have a grueling work out, cramps, or some other need to relax my muscles, I Epsom soak for 15 mins in pretty hot water and then be done with it ! Usually immediately after I take a 5-10 min cool/tepid shower to rinse crystals off and reset my temp. The old adage – it dries you out = true. The same can be said for your hair.
I invested in a Keratin treatment for my hair this year. I don’t want to wash it or my color out through the bazillions of showers I put myself through. Enter the first dry shampoo that has ever worked and made my hair smell and feel good with no white halo or dandruff type flaking. On Amazon and in regular stores. Very good price !
Tip – I found a really great price on Keratin via one of those discount salons (quick cuts) Call around ! You absolutely can do some leg work, ask what products they use and get a price quote. My total treatment was $50.00. 


Most of all: Hydrate!

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There is still time… P.Allen Smith and Le Creuset

Photo Courtesy of pallensmith.com
Photo Courtesy of pallensmith.com

There are two things you should know about me: I love to pretend that I am the daughter of P.Allen Smith and Martha Stewart. AND I really want to believe this. Like “Secret” it into reality by believing in it more than I believe in Santa Claus. Which is a lot.

This would probably shock and alarm both of them in different odd ways. My heart is in the right place though, their teachings over the years have brought me to the place I am now. Thank you both for that. 

Courageous to try any new recipe. Adventurous to build my garden of heirlooms and conservation plantings. Eager to be a good citizen to the world and share my experiences. Strive for elegance.

They both are so fully immersed in social media and print, it’s easy to keep up with ideas and new topics. You can imagine how excited I was over the recent news of a giveaway.

The steps are very easy if you like sharing on social channels. Why don’t you check out the website for P.Allen Smith, check out his blog and fall in love yourself. Recipes, gardening and of course my favorite subject: CHICKENS!

I will be sharing more from his vast knowledge base, but for now you can start your love affair with one of my favorite people too!

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The Secret Life of Lingerie – Adore Me


Well things are moving right along in the Casa. I know I need to put updates out and I will, just as soon as we actually get unpacked. The whole process while pretty painless has hit a few road bumps.

Calmer now, things are falling into place and my mind is not so bogged down with stress. I do indeed see the forest through the trees.

Today my girlfriend posted a giveaway for lingerie. I was immediately excited to go read all about it. Lady underthings are indeed my weakness. Pretty simple and standard, like the page get entered. It was not a blog contest, where you had to jump several times between Twitter and other social apps to get multiple entries.
What I learned from the site is pretty great:

  • Much like shoe or jewelry clubs you get a special collection each month tailored to your tastes
  • You can choose one item from there or one from the store
  • By choosing one item per month you get the special pricing

Because it was my first time I got my first set for under $20 and free shipping. The shipping appears to be a standard thing for each person interested. I expect to get my items in the next 5 days. I will certainly do a review to let you know how the process worked. A few things off the bat, the reviews really speak to the quality. Awesome. The pricing states items start at 29.95. I see mostly 39.95. There is a “buy 5 get one free” deal. My discounted first set counted towards that today, meaning I only have four more sets to buy to get one free. Ok that’s just awesome.

Check it out and see if you are interested  !



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Affairs of the heart

Steve McQueen Faye Dunaway 1968

You have seen the 1999 version of the Thomas Crown Affair.

Did you know there was another? Yes, those two beautiful people made the original back in 1968. Not only old school action, split screen highlighting the effects. The clothing also was fabulous. Theodora Van Runkle created 29 looks for Faye that transition between scenes in one stylish catwalk.

It’s added to the Que for “Movies I need the Hubbie to watch” when we get finally moved. I tease him about being a modern day Steve McQueen. He doesn’t get it.

What I really drool over in this film are the beautiful Jaeger-LeCoultre watches.

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Healthy Choice – Cafe Steamers

Cafe Steamers

I should throw my normal disclaimer out there first:
I am not a mommy blogger, or paid product review person. Not that I would MIND that gig, but I have not ever been approached or set myself up on some of those networks. I review what I like in hopes that maybe you may discover something new for you too. At the very least you may have a different opinion, which I would love to hear.

Darling and I were at the store the other night picking up some goodies for dinner.  Kroger here in Atlanta has a pretty decent rewards program, that hosts online coupons, BOGO, and lower gas prices at the pump. Another savings initiative they offer is to buy 10 and save. They lower prices on specifically marked items then offer you a savings when you buy ANY ten in the store. I needed lunch for work and these were suggested.

I would like to simply run down a really great list of likes/dislikes

  • Steamer containers really prevent food from drying out – very fresh non chewy.
  • Easy to cook in micro no messy directions or boil over as everything is tidy.
  • Low calories – my selections were only 230 Cals.
  • Fits perfectly in my “get in the dress” mode for the next few months.
  • Flavor – WOW these things really taste great.
  • Containers are easily rinsed and recycled.
  • Box is recyclable as well
  • Coupons coupons coupons !
  • I actually got several different varities and my store used my coupons for the “Top Chef” on each in addition to my Kroger rewards.
  • My cost at check out with rewards was about $0.59 a box.

So to be fair and offer creative criticism

  • Serving size is a little small
  • While using good eating practice and doing 5 small meals a day I still have to have a salad or snack with selections or my tummy grumbles.
  • Meal Selection wasn’t large only 5-7 mains and they’re the regular chicken selections you would see elsewhere.
  • With out coupons or rewards these items are typically around $3.
  • That’s not in my thrifty budget so until they come back on sale I will not be buying them regularly which stinks cause I am REALLY digging them.
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Where did they get that _____ ?

Seafoam Venus Bib Necklace – $32
Photo Courtesy Bauble Bar

I was on a “Pinning” nut fix yesterday designing the Emerald wants for this year. In one of the boards I found these stunning Art Deco necklaces.

Gardner Bib

Of course I was convinced they must be hundreds of Dollars. (Like the infamous JCrew Bubble Necklace everyone had to have in red last season). WRONG!
Most necklaces start at 20$ and range for the heavy statement pieces around $64. There are many promotions, ways to save, and offers weekly. Cruise the site, share the information with friends. You get points for every purchase and other incentives. You’re first order is $10 off just for signing up for an account or email. Enjoy !


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Stoneyfield YoKids – Winner Winner Yogurt Dinner!

photo courtesy of Stoneyfield.com

Back in March I entered a contest from one of my favorite Bloggers, Robin over at MassHoleMommy . Occasionally I enter these to support the ladies who take time to write reviews and help me find new products to love. I know this is their business and something they love, and I get the benefit of their great humor and fair insights.

You should know first of all I never win anything. Nothing. Frankly, I was shocked to learn I had won coupons for free samples of yogurt. Secondly I was really shocked that within days several coupons came in the mail not for just samples but several varieties and flavor of yogurt packs. To be fair, since I never win I just thought perhaps it was to try one or two or get a small sample. 

I have tried greek yogurt in the past, without much  love. It is a little more bitter than I like.  Shamebus Moment: Cash was running a little low last week and I needed some fill in snacks for Pixie for summer lunches. I opened my check book to retrieve some handy-dandy coupons for free merch. Well there staring back at me were the Stoneyfield winnings I had yet to try. Perfect ! Throw that in the box !

Things to Note:
1- we are going to a more mediterranean diet now as suggested by our nutritionist and my boyfriend. (His overwhelming love of tabouleh has taken over the relationship)
2- we are eliminating most dairy in accordance with this diet but keeping low sugar greek yogurt (tzatziki) on the menu as recommended in the diet plan. 
3- we are really trying to be healthy and smaller portion sizes are a big part of this.
4- health food is really expensive and it pisses me off to work so hard to be charged so much while I am striving to keep my family healthy.

Stoneyfield obviously makes these kid size servings more to be enjoyed by younger  mouths. My mouth – so happy. The flavor was gently sweet with yummy fruity bursts. Nothing bitter, nothing bland. The size is just the prefect serving for Pixie and I with a balanced lunch or even for breakfast with my grains and nuts. I really enjoyed them. I was excited to see my grocer carries them at a fantastic price includes them often in sales, and comes in way below the cost of health food stores.  Next shopping trip these will added to my ongoing cart of staples. Thanks Robin and thanks Stoneyfield! 

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