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Fabric App – Sew Awesome


Going through my stash this weekend looking for a special project, I got pretty exhausted trying to remember every box I crammed a pattern into. Have you ever had that thought, “I know I had this one pattern” but can’t remember for the life of you where it is stashed?Ever had SO many patterns you can’t be sure you actually have that one pattern you want or more importantly- need? Looking at my phone, I started Googling.

Yes there’s an app for that. In fact there’s several. Some sewing blogs even have suggestions on how to create your own data base from things like Evernote and forms. My need – easy on hand (in my phone) while in the store.


Case in point. At some my point I bought the same pattern forgetting I already had it. I guess you can tell I really love this eyelet patterned dress. Luckily there’s a friend who missed the Hancock sale and was wanting this.

Enter Sew Awesome.
Here is why I picked this over some other appstore options:
Picture in app – no more saving to other locations and uploading
Tools in App – I can even keep track of my quilt templates and sewing Feet.
Stash in App – Do I have the right buttons – notions – chamray ?
Upgrade to pro to remove ads or have other features $3.99

All in all – I am really happy with it. I am more basic so the framework suits me. I know some of my tech savvy sewers would want features. They exist so if you find and better ones let me know!

The down side is the initial time investment as with anything new. It is so worth it. I have now used the app twice since uploading it over the weekend.

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Fabric Find Saturday


We visited In Town Quilters this week to see all of the new colors and patterns on the bolts!

I had not been in the store for some time, and was excited to see the beautiful new patterns stocked. Pixie is starting her first quilt with mother hubbard (me) observing from afar. I have helped only with math and weight but left her to selections of color and patterns. This is deeply personal for her, and I know that quilting mistakes make for excellent teaching moments. She is going to do great!

The ladies are so helpful she spun circles around the store picking up more and more goodness. I was a little less impulsive because my stash is already insane.

I did get –
hau_angela_attic_8375b_20160615085519Alexander Henry – Angela’s Attic in Teal The picture above for some reason makes its look incredibly “grayish”. It’s not.
m7387_02I thought it would be
dreamy in McCall’s M7387 – View C – but alas my
bewbs once again got the better of my fabric math brain and I lost my ability to think out yardage. Skirt it is ! Ok the more I look at this fabric. No, a dress is going to happen.



Riley Blake – Kitchen Cat Teal

Is only a 1/2 yard cut for quilting stash. It is everything I love about vintage colors design and my perfect happy place in color theory. Pinterest surfing the sewing blogs the other night I did see someone do the lemon version in one of Gertie’s designs. Absolutely adorable. Just not me for work wear.



4159_black Cat Skeletons with Fishbowls

Same 1/2 cut. Cat in the bowl, I mean come on !




Michael Miller – Bone Head in Gray

Ok so without realizing I am either getting in the mood for Halloween or I am creating a Day of the Dead quilt in my head.

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Quince Preserves – 1909 Recipe


The quince /ˈkwɪns/ (Cydonia oblonga) is the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae (which also contains apples and pears, among other fruits). It is a small deciduous tree that bears a pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear, and bright golden-yellow when mature. Throughout history the cooked fruit has been used as food, but the tree is also grown for its attractive blossom and other fragrant ornamental qualities.

Quinces will start making their way to farmers markets at the end of October. If you have a grocer that will stock requests you may be able to get a few crates. Commonly they do not appear in average grocery stores, as they are not a pick up and eat type of fruit. Raw; it is a bitter fruit, not like what it becomes once cooked.

This makes Quince one of my favorites for making jellies. Added with apples and cranberries it can become a preserve with flavor and impact, especially eaten on a dry bitter cheese. The exciting news: I picked up a really rare 1909 Cookbook a few weeks back by accident. The recipe I first looked at was this one. My mission – take a recipe from long ago and convert it to modern standards.

While our season doesn’t start until October, those of you lucky enough to have your own bushes can save this for planning. Those looking for a new recipe and already have canning knowledge will be able to use this as well. Those of us new to testing recipes can mark this for work !

Here is the original recipe, with some modern phrasing updated:


Take Fine Yellow Quinces, pare quarter and core them setting aside all of these after pieces.

Placing fruit in large stock pot add just enough water to cover by an inch. Simmer until soft but not to where they begin to break.

Carefully remove fruit and spread on plates to cool.
To this water add pieces removed. Cores, seeds parings.
Stew one hour covered, then strain through a jelly bag or canning mesh into another pot.
To each 1 Pint of this liquid add 1lb of sugar.
Bring to boil, skim and begin to gently add Quinces.
Boil gently 25 minutes, remove from heat, cover and let sit for 24 hours.
This process must now be repeated as the following:
Drain off syrup into a separate pot and bring to boil, add fruit and boil gently for 15 minutes.
Spread fruit on to plates to cool trying to not break.
Bring syrup up to a rolling boil and boil down to a thick consistency.
While this is boiling fill jars 2/3 full of fruit.
Remove syrup from heat and pour over fruit.

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Easter Eggs – That Don’t Suck

I Heart Easter

Every year I tell myself I will find some new beautiful crafty egg project. Each year I find myself at Mass, Easter Eve covered in glitter and dye. The Paaz dye that doesn’t come off for weeks. This year the geeks in my house are going to ink their eggs.
Yep we are tattooing eggs folks! Now I know you have young children so the thought of encouraging them to be a tattoo artist may not be on your agenda. Word it how it suits you best my lovelies. The extra credit – you have temporary tattoos to stuff in Easter baskets that match your eggs ! wahoo!


Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Various Geekery and Royalty Free Clip Art Such as Lego’s or Star Wars

The Lego’s PDF is already organized to get the most little Lego heads on your paper. With any other clip art you will need to copy and paste images on to a white background. Clip Art works best for this because of the smaller images on a white backing. There is a difference between tattoo transfer paper and temporary tattoo decal paper. It also comes in inket and laser. Please keep this in consideration when shopping.

1. Print your characters

2. Trim around each character for placement on egg

3. Place image transfer side down on egg, cover with soft towel and rub with the end of something firm (silicon spatula)

** Cold eggs will not take decal – make sure they are room temp

** Eggs are not flat so you will have some little wrinkles

** Make sure to print enough to share !

itsalwaysautumn.com – awesome eggs !

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Hankie Bunny Tutorial

I wrote about a sweet product I used when Pixie was little. A BooBoo Bunny. A sweet little something to hold on to when ouchies happened.
I have had several Pinners on Pinterest want to know how it was made – so here is a tutorial !!!
For all you fun Easter Crafters out there – this would be the perfect little basket stuffer to hold treats! Stuff the Buns with something fun!

Materials Needed

One Lace or White Embroidered handkerchief
Handful of cotton balls
12 inches of 1/4 inch thick ribbon
1 sewing needle

Directions How To Make A Hankie Bunny

Iron a handkerchief flat. If your handkerchief is embroidered, make sure you iron the handkerchief under a towel to protect the embroidery.

Place the cotton balls in the center of the handkerchief with the embroidery facing down.

Fold the top of the handkerchief over the cotton balls to meet the bottom edge of the handkerchief.

From the bottom of the handkerchief, roll the handkerchief tightly and into the cotton balls.


Fold the roll in half.
Leave enough room to insert a plastic freezer cube for boo-boo’s if using this as a boo-boo bunny.


Tie the ribbon halfway up the roll.

Take the two dangling ends of the handkerchief and pull it towards the body of the hankie bunny.
Tie the ribbon again. Pull the ends of the hankies out to make the ears.

hb7To make the bunny tail, take another cotton ball and attach it by placing a teenie glue dot.
Congratulations, you have just made a hankie bunny!

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Hit The Wall – WIP Death

The blanket that wasn’t

I picked up these beautiful wools a couple of weeks ago from Fleece. They were so full of spring and promise I was utterly excited to start a new baby blanket pattern. One that I could create for all sorts of new moms through summer and fall. Vibrant colors for those new trendy nurseries, whites and creams for historic vintage and heirloom nurseries. Every taste.

Week three (yes I said three) 10 rows in, I am at a stalemate. That pattern is not interesting. It has no color pop or interest to me. It is taking forever and unfortunately like most knitters with start-itis if I don’t start seeing results and beautiful transitions in patterns (ie shawls) I get to the frogging point.

Baby Blanket was frogged last night.

I am now sick to my stomach.

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Warm and Snuggly – things to warm hearts

RedHeart Pattern – Sunny Spread – Free Download

While the weather outside is still frightful, my knitting and crochet are coming along quite delightful.

Square Upon Square – Free pattern – Love this color arrangement found on Pinterest

I can’t seem to finish a blanket (yet). I was convinced I would have Hubbie’s knit wonder done by Valentine’s. I think I may need to revisit something more manageable – IE squares to complete the task. These free patterns were done in RedHeart acrylic, but I am in true form considering Cascade Super Wash. I have loved the small pieces I have done in it. From a durability and washing standpoint, you can actually wash this wool in the washing machine (gentle cycle always recommended even for acrylics) and then tumble on low. I hang my hand knits and crochet always, but lets face it, in the dead of winter you can’t. Some of my pieces also end up in the city (no clothes lines exist) or tucked into homes where it is not at all practical to throw something over a shower rod.

Abra Alba wrist warmers – Scroll down for the English version of the pattern

Wrist warmers also seem like a small perfect project to get done before the chill of winter leaves us completely. I am going to make modifications to these. I like my warmers to come up higher on my fingers and knucks. That is the coldest area of my hand. When pulled up just below my fingertips, warmers really keep all of me warm. I have often considered cutting little holes in my hoodies to poke my thumbs out so I can keep them on in the office and type away with out being chilled on my fingers.

Yes being in love makes me a sucker for little hearts everywhere

On the mention of Valentines Day – I thought I would make some vintage themed garlands and heart poppets to give to my favorite little loves. These seemed perfect and the pattern is a free download. I am sure crafty types wouldn’t need one, as these really look super easy.

Hot for your love !

Tucked in a cup of hot cocoa or coffee, I think this is just corny and fabulous. Yes I am lucky my crafting is considered “cute” because the weird stuff I come up with to give as gifts often raises eyebrows from everyone else.

“She gave you what?”
“It’s handmade”
“Oh! That’s cute!”