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Fabric Find Saturday


We visited In Town Quilters this week to see all of the new colors and patterns on the bolts!

I had not been in the store for some time, and was excited to see the beautiful new patterns stocked. Pixie is starting her first quilt with mother hubbard (me) observing from afar. I have helped only with math and weight but left her to selections of color and patterns. This is deeply personal for her, and I know that quilting mistakes make for excellent teaching moments. She is going to do great!

The ladies are so helpful she spun circles around the store picking up more and more goodness. I was a little less impulsive because my stash is already insane.

I did get –
hau_angela_attic_8375b_20160615085519Alexander Henry – Angela’s Attic in Teal The picture above for some reason makes its look incredibly “grayish”. It’s not.
m7387_02I thought it would be
dreamy in McCall’s M7387 – View C – but alas my
bewbs once again got the better of my fabric math brain and I lost my ability to think out yardage. Skirt it is ! Ok the more I look at this fabric. No, a dress is going to happen.



Riley Blake – Kitchen Cat Teal

Is only a 1/2 yard cut for quilting stash. It is everything I love about vintage colors design and my perfect happy place in color theory. Pinterest surfing the sewing blogs the other night I did see someone do the lemon version in one of Gertie’s designs. Absolutely adorable. Just not me for work wear.



4159_black Cat Skeletons with Fishbowls

Same 1/2 cut. Cat in the bowl, I mean come on !




Michael Miller – Bone Head in Gray

Ok so without realizing I am either getting in the mood for Halloween or I am creating a Day of the Dead quilt in my head.

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Easter Eggs – That Don’t Suck

I Heart Easter

Every year I tell myself I will find some new beautiful crafty egg project. Each year I find myself at Mass, Easter Eve covered in glitter and dye. The Paaz dye that doesn’t come off for weeks. This year the geeks in my house are going to ink their eggs.
Yep we are tattooing eggs folks! Now I know you have young children so the thought of encouraging them to be a tattoo artist may not be on your agenda. Word it how it suits you best my lovelies. The extra credit – you have temporary tattoos to stuff in Easter baskets that match your eggs ! wahoo!


Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Various Geekery and Royalty Free Clip Art Such as Lego’s or Star Wars

The Lego’s PDF is already organized to get the most little Lego heads on your paper. With any other clip art you will need to copy and paste images on to a white background. Clip Art works best for this because of the smaller images on a white backing. There is a difference between tattoo transfer paper and temporary tattoo decal paper. It also comes in inket and laser. Please keep this in consideration when shopping.

1. Print your characters

2. Trim around each character for placement on egg

3. Place image transfer side down on egg, cover with soft towel and rub with the end of something firm (silicon spatula)

** Cold eggs will not take decal – make sure they are room temp

** Eggs are not flat so you will have some little wrinkles

** Make sure to print enough to share !

itsalwaysautumn.com – awesome eggs !

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Hankie Bunny Tutorial

I wrote about a sweet product I used when Pixie was little. A BooBoo Bunny. A sweet little something to hold on to when ouchies happened.
I have had several Pinners on Pinterest want to know how it was made – so here is a tutorial !!!
For all you fun Easter Crafters out there – this would be the perfect little basket stuffer to hold treats! Stuff the Buns with something fun!

Materials Needed

One Lace or White Embroidered handkerchief
Handful of cotton balls
12 inches of 1/4 inch thick ribbon
1 sewing needle

Directions How To Make A Hankie Bunny

Iron a handkerchief flat. If your handkerchief is embroidered, make sure you iron the handkerchief under a towel to protect the embroidery.

Place the cotton balls in the center of the handkerchief with the embroidery facing down.

Fold the top of the handkerchief over the cotton balls to meet the bottom edge of the handkerchief.

From the bottom of the handkerchief, roll the handkerchief tightly and into the cotton balls.


Fold the roll in half.
Leave enough room to insert a plastic freezer cube for boo-boo’s if using this as a boo-boo bunny.


Tie the ribbon halfway up the roll.

Take the two dangling ends of the handkerchief and pull it towards the body of the hankie bunny.
Tie the ribbon again. Pull the ends of the hankies out to make the ears.

hb7To make the bunny tail, take another cotton ball and attach it by placing a teenie glue dot.
Congratulations, you have just made a hankie bunny!

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The Curse of The Boyfriend Knitting

My First Boy Knit

JC asked the other day if I ever finished anything I started knitting. (Insert your gafaw face here) I know right?

He has never seen my finished “anything” because everything I knit is for someone else. So I have finally embarked on a knitted something for him. A Blanket. I have avoided the “Curse” because
1- It’s not a sweater
2- We are not just B/f we are engaged (yes I like saying it)
3- Curses only have power if you believe in them, and I don’t. (Practical Magic Movie Line)

Want to know what it is ?

Knitty Free Pattern – Norma 


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Pink is the New Orange (Pumpkin)

My favorite part about Halloween, of course its the Orange. This year however our fall decorations may see a sweet twist. JC and I were planning The Party over the weekend. Food, who to invite, what to wear, what to place in the house. We stopped by Kroger to pick up brunch essentials and discovered these little beauties.

This year pink pumpkins have made their way into super markets nationwide. Double duty – their sales contribute to Breast Cancer Research. As we all know October is the month! The Pink Pumpkin Patch has all the details. Like them on Facebook and show some love and support.

Of course the house is going to be Orange and there may even be some other white pumpkins added for posh. One simply can’t go with ONE variety of pumpkin can they? I thought it would be fun however to add these fellas to the food table as a centerpiece to pay homage to bewbie month and then of course the other decor can be more traditional.


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Is it too early to talk tree skirts?

Plumage Holiday Tree Skirt 225$

I love beautiful tree skirts. I have tried in the past to have them. Notoriously one pissing crappy cat gets under the tree and destroys whatever I have invested in. Needless to say I have never bought a really expensive skirt.

Natural and Sage Ruffled Tree skirt 226$

This is the one I really love. Would I pay that much despite its obvious quality? No. I cant, I really never could even if I wanted to, and I do. My frugal verve would chop something off.

There is a product that has hit all the mommy and crafty DIY blogs. Ruffle Fabric. Between the Kiwi and Ivory I could absolutely craft a look alike for about 50$. Sewing on the bias and at an angle would create the layered scalloped appearance. There was a blogger that created a ruffle skirt this way and the result is exactly the same. Granted those little seed pearls may give me a run for my money….

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Gonna eat alotta Peaches

Canned peaches, peaches, canning

I am in Georgia and as such you would expect that I might be tired of peaches, or not fond of them. That’s just not so!

Baby M almost made his worldly debut this holiday weekend. Labor Day suddenly had a whole new meaning. Pixie and I, anxious to meet him went out bought a car and drove north to our other family in Maryland. Hold the presses, there is a lot in that one sentence to discuss. I know.

I apologize for being such a horribly lazy blogger. Life changed this year and I wish I had taken the time to tell you all about it. It’s really rather wonderful.

I have been worn out worn down and not experiencing the joy passion and excitement for my profession hobbies or over all life path.

Old Job – took a toll on me beginning 2011 and just was no longer full of life excitement or growth. I lost the excitement and even interest I had for all things and I left.

Family – We had some rough spots with illness death and placing boundaries. Amongst my family I now feel more centered and I know Pixie is starting to feel some greater sense of control.

New Job – Is amazing and not at all easy. This is refreshing and frustrating all in one ball of wonderful. I do not go home at the end of the day with dread migraines or acid reflex due to stress and anxiety. I sincerely enjoy the people I work with. I have a title, tasks, responsibilities and a very strong sense of pride in what I do everyday. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Car – So Ruby Red made her sunset debut on Friday. After ten years of taking that car all over the country it was time to say goodbye. She was with us the majority of Pixie’s life and I was determined to drive her still shiny red ass into the ground. Well the ground was quickly approaching sooner than I expected after starting my new gig. Driving into the city everyday and having more and more parts shutting down, put me in a state of immediate action. I tend to act fast and not analyze things as much as I used to. I hate waiting for answers now. I went to the car lot 10am Friday morning picked out one vehicle didn’t like the payments, was suggested another to look at. Didnt exactly like the size because I was geared for an SUV, but the payments suddenly made my eyes sparkle. Two hours later papers signed, New Car was in my driveway. New car has yet to be named. New Car drove us to Maryland with record time (when you get him over 75 he purrs like a little tiger) and kept gas costs at next to nothing.

Peaches – One of the traditions now is to stop and get tons of fresh produce from either Baughers or family pickens. In addition to the fine Maryland picked items, I stopped in South Carolina and got more peaches than Georgia could shake her stick at. I will say the SC peaches are certainly more sweeter in taste, if you could ever imagine a peach being “sweeter”, the MD ones are HUGE. Like these peaches should be used in some athletic program.

The Plan – Salsa for the team, Jelly for Jared, Sliced Peaches for Dena. This weekend will full of pots pans and cans ! I am so excited to have some time to do this. Last year whisked away from me and I missed prime canning times.

I wish I had blogged more about it and shared some little insights along the way. I will try to be more active I promise (smile). I know like me you are looking for inspiration in every day and always interested if in nothing else a fabulous cocktail and cookie recipe to get you through the night!