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Fall Beauty Essentials


I love the change in weather. I look forward mostly to fall every year. The shorter days, crisp air, lack of humidity and cozy clothes make me feel comfortable in my skin all over again. Mostly. While the oppressive heat and sun of summer are really taxing on me, the humidity keeps my skin feeling hydrated. During fall and winter, I get rough, like sandpaper rough.

It is very important for me to know supply chain. I have discussed this before in fashion, garden and food posts. I do not want to contribute to a foot print that takes away, but rather gives back to worthy causes, local communities and small business owners. It is also equally important that anything that comes into my life does so at as little as possible impact to other creatures on this planet big and small 🙂

bulgarian_rose_open_1024x1024Spongelle – Bulgarian Rose This super beautiful softly rose dipped body buffer is by far the weirdest and coolest thing I have ever seen. I am totally hooked. It arrived in my Fab Fit Fun box for Fall. That was actually my first box and had so many dang goodies I am also nuts for those. Different post for that chat! This is a true rose scent. So be prepared for summer’s last fading bloom. Too much ? Done with that madness? There is an amber fragrance that hints at pumpkin spiced lattes.

How it works – Wet it , squeeze it, gentle little circles all over you! I found it to REALLY be a great buffer – so second time around I squeezed in to my washcloth – haha. Rinse hang repeat!
Available on Amazon Prime = Yes. 



Rodan and Fields – Redefine Lip Serum Finger tips and lips are the first signals that fall is on me. Both get rough cracked and feel like that the hiney end of a porcupine. I will be very transparent – I am selling this now. In the upcoming weeks and months I will absolutely feature chats to showcase my personal experience for your decision and review. This stuff works. Its why I chose to sell it among other reasons.  These caps have easily 2-3 doses in them and I mean that. Don’t squeeze the WHOLE thing on your lips. Pop a little hole place a dot on your pinky and rub. I apply a little more at night than in the am. As that is my “renewing” time. I do apply however after regime in the AM for the sole purpose of protecting my lips through the day. 



Bed Head Dry Shampoo – My stance on long hot showers has changed. Primarily thanks to the birth of my daughter. 21 years later I average those showers exactly one specific week out of every month. Even then, probably not as hot as when I was a younger lass. Now if I have a grueling work out, cramps, or some other need to relax my muscles, I Epsom soak for 15 mins in pretty hot water and then be done with it ! Usually immediately after I take a 5-10 min cool/tepid shower to rinse crystals off and reset my temp. The old adage – it dries you out = true. The same can be said for your hair.
I invested in a Keratin treatment for my hair this year. I don’t want to wash it or my color out through the bazillions of showers I put myself through. Enter the first dry shampoo that has ever worked and made my hair smell and feel good with no white halo or dandruff type flaking. On Amazon and in regular stores. Very good price !
Tip – I found a really great price on Keratin via one of those discount salons (quick cuts) Call around ! You absolutely can do some leg work, ask what products they use and get a price quote. My total treatment was $50.00. 


Most of all: Hydrate!

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Tangerine Fall

For Jes B.

Chinti and Parker heart cardigan, $480 /
Nicole Farhi cap sleeve shirt, $61 /
Fat Face chambray pants, $32 /
ASOS leather brogue, $31 /
Alexander McQueen leather shoulder handbag /
Tom Binns orange necklace

I love a sophisticated tom boy look. I guess jeans will always win out in my wardrobe. I pinned a ton of really cute looks to my Pinterest in hopes that while thrifting I will come across similar items to recreate the looks that I love. Let’s face it. I am not going to be buying a 580$ cardi any time soon. However I know I could find a grey cardi to stitch some bright tangerine patches on to !

I love that Tangerine  was selected as the color for Fall 2012.

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The Beauty of Etsy Treasuries

Click to see the beautiful things other Etsian’s have created.

The Great Pumpkin
Colors of Fall
Harvest Moon
Seaside Blues
Night to be whatever you want to be!
Comforts of Fall – Knitwear!
Hungry for the Holidays – Yummy spices and Fall comforts – a Must See !

Over the last two days I have been alerted that a few of my fall items were featured in several Treasuries. I am so honored and honestly floored. I craft for therapy. I by no means ever consider my talents to be as amazing as those I share Etsy space with. When I create something its with intent, love and I cherish it. I actually have to sit and decide for about 24 hours if it is to be sold or given to someone I love. Yes I get attached easily. That is about 75% of what I make.

There is a small portion that I craft that is designed to sell or be sold. It starts as a concept and then put out in the store as a test market to see what views hearts and thumbs up, it gets. I have kitschy tastes so I know not everyone will love my often bizarre zombie filled pumpkin loving weird ways.

That is until Now. Halloween seems to be my Chi! I am so thrilled that individuals found something delicious or fun about the items I made and wanted to share them with others.

Thank you 🙂

Please make sure you do click and give some little hearts to these amazing artists. A treasury gets more “visibility” the more clicks it receives. It’s a great deal like Google AdWords. Click Throughs Quality Score and all that jazz. You can keep your identity secret as well if you just want to give someone thumbs up and love.


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I love pumpkins, want to make your own out of glass?

Glass Harvest

The Corning Museum of Glass started an education class, that has blossomed into a very creative fall tradition. Each harvest season they open their studios for glass enthusiast to enter and learn about the beauty of Glass Making. The added little benefit – you can make a pumpkin to go home. Easily an heirloom piece to be passed down generation after generation.

There is always so much going on at this museum. It is really a wonderful little vacation to be had. Nestled in upstate NewYork, fall is scenic colorful and tasty! If going or planning a long weekend visit during the Pumpkin Fall Festival, you could pin the Vineyards on your must stop list. This is great wine country folks. Wine and Cheese. Two of my favorite things!

But wait, what about Mr. Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known as Mr. Mark Twain? This year marks the 100th Anniversary of his passing. There are tours, museums and more in the region to take in the wonder of his life and writings.

The County Board of Tourism has a page on FaceBook. Check it out I am sure there are some fun stories that would inspire you to start looking at planning a trip! Their Website is actually very informative and a great help to begin planning your trip.


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Hot off the presses – Phoenix Bess Knotions and Pantone

Another hot off the presses noteworthy is Knotions. Click the pic for the link. Its a great new knitting resource for all things patterns and info.

Fall 2008 Pantone Colors:

A little freaked out by the upper palette. I saw this back in Feb and still have the same knee jerk reaction then i do now. Ew.

But reading the article, designer must haves and even pull a few pieces out and combining colorways my eyes relaxed a little.

Of course Shitake is going to go with every color here and ochre has its own ease with each one. I just don’t really care for the Bright Carb Sea. Really not a happy color for me at ALL !

Phoenix Bess :: It Girl Knits
I have for some time watched and listened to the little murmurs about Ms Bess. A stunning young lady in her own right with an artistic background that’s as equally as vibrant.

Dancer Crafter Smiler.. 🙂

Phoenix has published her cute chic knit Book and I have to say, while its slated as the It Knit for the young and fabulous.. Ms Bess this 30 something wannabe knitter found a ton of cute patterns in your book just right for me  ! Much Success to you Young Lady ! Check out her Blog
Your book blog and beautiful smile continue to make me giggle and get all inspired !

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O _ M _ Goddess!!!!

Today in my gloom the heavens parted and what I have wanted more than anything the last 5-10 years walked ( I should sashaaaayed) in one glorious fell swoop. Somehow I was looking for craft patterns for my halloween pal. I am still undecided which pattern I would love to send her. Patterns are so personal.. you never really know what someone would like to make for their home.. ok so BLAH back to the GLORY!!!

Oh yes.. really.

In google searching for roving I found her. Someone who no longer has time for spinning or time to do keep a wheel was tenderly letting her find another home. Ending with in hours she called to me in the most tartlet of fashion. Sweet and wild waiting to be delivered. I have yet to name her because the sheer excitement.

Being that she is an Ashford….