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Fabric Find Saturday


We visited In Town Quilters this week to see all of the new colors and patterns on the bolts!

I had not been in the store for some time, and was excited to see the beautiful new patterns stocked. Pixie is starting her first quilt with mother hubbard (me) observing from afar. I have helped only with math and weight but left her to selections of color and patterns. This is deeply personal for her, and I know that quilting mistakes make for excellent teaching moments. She is going to do great!

The ladies are so helpful she spun circles around the store picking up more and more goodness. I was a little less impulsive because my stash is already insane.

I did get –
hau_angela_attic_8375b_20160615085519Alexander Henry – Angela’s Attic in Teal The picture above for some reason makes its look incredibly “grayish”. It’s not.
m7387_02I thought it would be
dreamy in McCall’s M7387 – View C – but alas my
bewbs once again got the better of my fabric math brain and I lost my ability to think out yardage. Skirt it is ! Ok the more I look at this fabric. No, a dress is going to happen.



Riley Blake – Kitchen Cat Teal

Is only a 1/2 yard cut for quilting stash. It is everything I love about vintage colors design and my perfect happy place in color theory. Pinterest surfing the sewing blogs the other night I did see someone do the lemon version in one of Gertie’s designs. Absolutely adorable. Just not me for work wear.



4159_black Cat Skeletons with Fishbowls

Same 1/2 cut. Cat in the bowl, I mean come on !




Michael Miller – Bone Head in Gray

Ok so without realizing I am either getting in the mood for Halloween or I am creating a Day of the Dead quilt in my head.

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Ruching – A french tutorial

I found this beautiful tutorial from Pinterest. I have so many ideas for this, but unfortunately it’s all in French. I decided to translate it so I could work on trying this on a skirt or skirt.

Draw a grid of three columns min, you can do as many as you want.
Draw squares  1 X 1 cm
Score by drawing alternating directional stitches (see photo below)
Take a strong needle and thread stitching at ends of the marker
Establish tight now with patience you will see is your fabric weave
So did that make sense to any of you either? Yep nope. In theory I get that you take the thread and essentially make little ties one way then the other. In the photo however the needle and thread are not going the same way as the hash marks. Then completely skips over other marks. I am going to have to Google this more and see if I can come up with a way to make it happen. I love the texture on it.

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DateNight finds her name in the power of a kiss

I started working on my aprons last night. I was a little scared to actually whip out stitches and get down to it. The material old beautiful delicate was screaming to be made new again but the thought of actually putting scissors to it horrified me.  After much hesitation I did indeed lay down the first little snip.

“Just a few small snips” I told myself almost at whisper. Scared excited it was like a first kiss.

Warming little curls shot through my toes and my tummy felt those sweet little butterflies of something new, something sacred. Opening and closing the scissors again for another small snip brought a rush of goosebumps and I felt myself blush. This was exactly like a date night kiss!

I was going to name my sweet little vintage apron Fiesta or Barista Tango Mango – its colors are so bright and cheery. But somehow DateNight Kiss stuck with the feelings I was having for this little darling.
Now you ask yourself and me… “LuLu.. why would you choose Kahlo’s A Few Small Nips – to be the header for your post about such a sweet innocent apron?”

Well dearest reader, my amor, my secret friend..

Kahlo was the embodiment of my inner LuLu in my younger years. Her colors and pain translated into my thoughts and words. As she put paint to emotion, I spoke out loud. Shes always been a great love. Now the story behind this painting itself then lends to the creation of DateNight Kiss.

The betrayal I felt towards taking apart the actual vintage linens was so great that even a few small nips felt  like a world of damage. But the beauty that came from this betrayal is more than I could or would have expected. And did you notice.. the little hole in the bottom piece.. Its  heart shaped. I cant decide to cover it – empower it or creatively peephole it…. hmmmm .

I do not have photos yet of her french seaming and beautiful top. When you see her fully together your toes will curl too….