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Living Room Inspiration – BigBird

Where on earth did you come from big beautiful bird and how do I get my hands on you ??? The Google machine so far has failed me, but over the weekend I found this and decided I had to have it. Spring time itch has sunk in and I am on the hunt to redo my abode. It is just time to go from “collected” bits to a style. I know, I hate thinking about it too. So first Inspiration Piece is indeed BIG BIRD. But instead of a hawk (Sorry Atlanta I am not THAT attached to you), I of course want this:

The Raven

The colors obviously are a tad bit drab so my inspiration palette is pulled in Lemon – Aqua – Lime to go with my chocolate sofas.I can see this bird blown up to epic portions and framed in some stunning lemon frame. The one above on the Hawk does NOTHING to that piece. I am sorry, you find a print the size of a man and you stick it in a tinplate or perhaps plastic one bar frame? Pfft.. BOooooring.

Aqua Orange - awesome

I would keep the walls airy, with a pale cream color as my living room is really small. Too many colors and I think I would make my family crazy.

some aqua accents

Glass Balls and curtains in this piece are absolutely a go. Rug, not so much so. I would opt for something graphic like chevrons or nothing at all. Check out that little lamp in the corner.. I already have something much similar I scored at BigLots for $3 (woot).

DIY - Lampshade if you scroll up you can see how nice this would look

So where do I find a print of one very big dam bird?


4 thoughts on “Living Room Inspiration – BigBird

  1. Interior Design is what I was originally slated for back in the day 🙂 I just had parents who believed Art was not a form of living and discouraged that degree. Funny thing.. I still want to go back and get it.

  2. that raven picture you found is really great quality, could you tell me what site you found it? I am also looking for large bird prints online but I need a good quality one so when you blow it up it doesnt lose the detail..thanks!

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