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The Pearl Clutcher Cardigan – Yes those are d*cks

Photo from The Yarn Bearer – Ravelry Page. Click to go to pattern.

I was cruising my blog feed this morning and ran into a beautiful crimson colored cardigan called the Pearl Clutcher by Kayla Dyches. On first appearances it is a lovely red and orange (great combo for my wardrobe) cardi being modeled by a rockabilly-ish inked beauty. Booze in her hand, lacy frock underneath, Oh Charity you must read more this girls on fire !

Oh No She Didn’t….

Wait am I seeing this right? Are those, oh my god yes they are. HOLY cow Pearl Clutcher.. not a fifties throw back title… it’s a reference to the actual pattern. Yep those are dicks. Yeah I kind of totally love this girl. Win !

More info on Kayla – she’s a performing artist fiber loving designer. She crafts, throws herself into the air and cusses. You love her now too don’t you?

Lettuce Pullover (rated R) from “What the Fuck Should I knit”

Case in point. Her other patterns are featured on her Ravelry Page Here – they are absolutely fun and beautiful. I am adding most of them to my Que.



6 thoughts on “The Pearl Clutcher Cardigan – Yes those are d*cks

    1. My SO asked “but Charity my gosh -where would you wear it???” Of course my response was “To church of course”. 🙂 I thought about doing a FairIsle version where the color gradients somewhat skewed the actual peenies. For a work one that would not go as noticed.

      1. ooh, yes, good idea. My son – took him a moment or two to figure out what he was looking at! – reckoned a shorter version (I’m very short) would be fine for work. He reckoned – and he might be right – that nobody would even notice!

      2. That’t how I am planning my attack 🙂
        I think two colorways from Noro that perhaps have common color hues so there that crossover fairisle shading almost happening.

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